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Event Concept

When idea  grows to the concept IT SHOULD BE under controll.

Деревянный Событие Интерьер


CREATING an atmosphere, thinking through everything to the smallest details...

Деревянный Событие Интерьер
Сервировка свадебного стола
Свадебный декор


Simple or extrodinary. Nothing is impossible.

Деревянный Событие Интерьер

Ordinary and Digital

Our designers create fascinating polygraphy, handmade decor and web pages for EVENTS.

Image by Annie Gray


Whether you are planning an outdoor or indoor event, we can arrange a beautiful and tasty CATERING.

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DAY Management

We take care of all the DAY stuff, you enjoy and have fun.

пляж свадьбы
Сервировка свадебного стола
Цветочные композиции


Flowers is the most important part of the decoration. We know where to choose, how to deliver, bests way to locate.  

Деревянный Событие Интерьер


How your DAY will sound? Music helps to create an atmosphere. 

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