Music for Event

Below there are some examples of what kinds of musical decoration can be provided be Emerald Feelings. 


Classic music and jazz, bossa nova and Latino. We can discuss the program in advance.  

Image by Felicia Buitenwerf
Image by Moises Alex
Image by Moises Alex


The saxophone is the most preferable musical instrument for couples to decorate their DAY. It sounds very romantically. Most often, saxophone sounds in jazz, but we can also offer you classical music in saxophone performance. 

Image by Sebastian Mark


Most of the romantic dinners are decorated by violin music. It could be solo, duet or trio, etc. depends on your preferences.

Image by Sebastian Mark
Image by Kael Bloom
Мариачи Музыка


To make the EVENT remarkable we will select an ensemble for a specific task to make your dreams come true.

DJ Spinning


We can provide for your EVENT modern DJ music performance. 

Производство музыки

Special offers

There are a lot of possible musical instruments and combinations available according to your tastes and preferences. For example, piano and saxophone, violin and cello, wind instruments as well as vocals.

Image by Kael Bloom
Image by Tamara Gore


Bright or Calm - we can do it.